Battle of the Empires: 1919 is a tactical game (RTS/TPS) made with Unreal Engine 4.

The game takes place in an alternative timeline in the era of the First World War. The campaign shows the events from the German side – player takes a detachment of German stormtroopers under his command, who participate in the most risky military operations and test all sorts of military inventions on the battlefield. The events of the German campaign take place from the spring of 1918 to the summer of 1919 – from the fall of Venice to the capture of Paris.


Features of the game:

  • Alternative timeline of the First World War in a dieselpunk style.
  • Single-player campaign for the German Empire with a carefully worked out storyline and interesting characters.
  • Locations in historical places – Venice, Brescia, Villa Adriana, Cambrai, Paris, Pas-de-Calais.
  • Co-op (story missions) and multiplayer with the ability to play for the Entente and the Central Powers
  • Available fractions when the game is released – Germany, Austria-Hungary, Britain, Italy and France
  • More than 40 vehicles and 30 weapons

Tactical depth.

The game is a mixture of tactical strategy and third person shooter – you command a regiment of soldiers and vehicles on the battlefield as in the usual strategy, but are free to take soldiers or vehicles under your direct control at any time. Your soldiers get tired, they run out of ammunition in the inventory and can retreat when the commander dies.

Total destructibility

All objects in the maps can be destroyed – from small fences to large buildings, which can deprive the enemy of cover or create a new passage in an unexpected place.

Single-player campaign

The core of the game is an exciting single-player campaign in an alternative timeline, where Germany was a bit more lucky in 1918. A special German squad “Morgenstern” will be under your command – all members of it are veterans of the Great War, always at the forefront of the German offensive. You will participate in the landing in Venice, battles in the medieval Italian castle, tank attacks on the Western Front and street battles in Paris.

Variety of weapons and vehicles

You will be able to try out the entire arsenal of small arms – from the existing samples such as rifles, pistols, machine guns, submachine guns, to the more unusual weapons in the dieselpunk style – grenade-launchers, crossbows, multi-shot shotguns. There will be also vehicles under your command – field guns, howitzers, tanks, armored cars. And do not forget about the cavalry – despite the coming age of steel and firepower, infantry in the open field is still defenseless against a cavalryman with a sword!